>02. Exhibitionist Quotes
"Thoughts swimming in the skull, converted in a group of letters. Could be yours too." Inspiration waited to be used in a poem which was never the case.

** Life is a memory you soon will forget
** There was a criminal underneath my skin, can't you see it
** I needed in-out penpals, most of them didn't even know the dirt under my toenails
** I heard a song once, drooling of sensitivity
** In bomb we trust
** Thank you for judging me, thank you for not being me
** We bungeejumped from Heaven
** The world was on the list, I was second
** It's a horror to live for others, why did I come here?
** You breathed new life through my mouth
** He had flesh for me, she didn't
** There's nothing I can lose, only forget
** I wished I could see the other side of the rainbow
** Two years ago I said goodbye to the future, I'm still saying goodbye
** I'm quite nice for a serial killer
** I wished I could put a white masc on and join the white community, secretly
** I want to use my body as a weapon to get what I want
** You look, I look, it's not the same
** Over the years I've come to understand that I mature slowly
** You will hate yourself when you grow older
** She claimed I stole her air but it's everywhere
** The Beekeeper seduced me and it's not even a thing
** I believe what's unnatural as it's not natural
** I'm so tired that I'm happy that I'm tired that I don't care
** When the razor comes to me, it's because I've been a bad girl again
** Saying all is full of love, will make you taste bitterness too, all was not
** I'm a black chicken with no wings
** I have too much meat like a pig
** Do you know the history of your kitchen knife?
** I'm drunk in my own blood
** I can't believe this poor pathetic body is costing me so much money
** He said he doesn't want vampires
** Long ago I was promised a ball
** Your spirit doesn't run in my blood
** "I thank you God for things I never thank you for"
** Read from my face fully loaded with problems
** I hope she has AIDS running through her veins, so she won't be saved, neither will you
** Life's a blue marble
** I'm drugged by life, death is my conscious
** Plant your seed inside of me
** It was offensive to believe I am this while I am