>03. Inspirations » Magazine cover girls

(2nd December 2003)

Rich, famous, beauty
are you
Poor, unimportant, ugly
you couldn't be closer
That's me

Somehow we must be the same
In some way
You never reveal your truth
You have secrets despite you're nude
Everyone knows you
No one knows me
You know the world's at your feet
but you don't know that world
neither does it know me

I envy your beauty
Men don't speak about me
Will I ever wish to be you
Your plastic surgery will do
You have some pimples and wrinkles
Carefully covered under ten layers
of mascara and make-up
Those are not your original breasts
under your tops
but the barbie they've made of you
for commercial spots

We don't seem to have much in common
if you bathe in bank-notes of hundred dollars
and have had your hair in so many different colors

Scarred people don't decorate the covers of 'Glossy'
Only your face that we must copy
to feel secure in the world of today

You don't know, you can only imagine
the visions of the prostectlessners
If you were poor once in your life
If you were important for some time
If you were ugly, either or not supported by a knife
You'd be able to relate
If you're not your real self on the surface
and only have the admiration on the outside
and if you hide your deeper information on the inside
and you feel alone in the spotlights
as I, in the darkness
Then alone we cry

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