It's July.
I'm L. a.k.a. Aion a.k.a. Moonstone
I will not die.

I'm on Zyprexa (10 milligrams) to fight psychosis.
I'm on Oxepam (15 mg) to keep me calm.
I'm on Seronil (40 mg) to avoid depression.
I'm on Remeron (15 mg), for the same reason as above.

Brief history:
- depressed since elementary school
- started self-harming in elementary, had a brief pause, started cutting in 1998
- seen one shrink for reasons unknown in 1998-1999
- graduated from high school in 1999, after which spent one year at home
- extremely depressed and cut loose all contacts to previous friends
- started University in Fall 2000, majoring in English philology
- been in the (psychiatric) hospital for seven months after a failed suicide attempt in November 2000
- diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder, (bulimia), severe major depression, psychosis and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Future plans:
- stop self-harming
- get a job
- get friends
- beat the crap out of avoidant personality disorder
- (perhaps) start therapy