So. Self-injury is just a coping mechanism. Who ever dared to doubt that?

(Why is it that always when I think something might actually be worthwile, everything crashes down, and I end up being more miserable than I was before?)

(Should I or should I not go to the hospital?)

(Do you think escapism is just a way of living, or is it harmful and horrible? And if so, what does it matter?)

(In order to live happily, for at least some moments, I should probably know I'm going to die very soon.)

(Why is it that jumping out of the window feels too final, when all I want is an end for this?)

(Do I really want an end for this? Your opinion, please.)

(Should I now live like I never lived before or die like I never died before?)

(What good does forgetting do?)

(I'm tired of being always so cold.)






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