Marshmallow Bunny Suicides

[The grey knight's Easter Special]

Inspired by the Bunny Survival Tests page, here is a story of five little marshmallow bunnies who were sick of life and decided to end it all.

[UPDATE March 2005 - This is a humourous item included for the purpose of amusement only and is not intended to imply that I in any way advocate or endorse suicide, euthanasia or suchlike criminal acts.]


Bag and Band Bunny
Bunny No. 1 went with the Bag and Band method. His last words: "I wish my father had used one of these."


Balloon Bunny Before Balloon Bunny
Bunny No. 2 (assisted by bunnies 3 & 4) decided on hanging. This variation of the method neatly disposes of the body.


Bunny in drive 1 Bunny in drive 2 Decapitated Bunny
Bunny No. 3 went for decapitation by CD-ROM drive. Just press the button and hold still... But it's a fairly messy method.


Bunny with pills Barfing Bunny
Bunny No.4 tried an overdose. This was a bad idea.


Bunny with blender Bunny on blender Bunny in blender
Bunny No. 4: "Now this should work." Summoning up the courage to jump... A very effective method.


Bunny with rock

Energizer Bunny 1 Energizer Bunny 2
Drowning in vodka seemed a good way to go. But Bunny No. 5 wanted to make a statement. The Energizer Bunny.

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